CFH TRAINING PLAN 25/7/16 – 31/07/16 WEEK 12

Posted 24th July 2016 by Josh Schouten

The mindset you choose is direction in which you grow and develop. Training is one thing but the mindset we have around this is another. This weeks goal is to sit back and think about what you’re going to achieve this week. Everyone’s goal is different and that is ok, pay attention to what it is you strive for and set your sights on that. Read on and get yourself in the right mindset to achieve great things!

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CF_Hackney_Strength_Phase_2016 W13

Heavy Metcon 20/07/2016

Posted 19th July 2016 by Jenna Fisher

Dream Big

Jenna standing in for Geoff this week, so there will be some decent tunes

4 rounds (16 mins)

30 secs row

30 secs deadlift @ 1.25 bw

60 secs KBS

2 mins rest


4 rounds (16 mins)

30 secs row

30 secs power clean @.85 bw

60 secs KB snatch

2 mins rest


6 rounds (12 mins)

60 secs assault bike

60 secs rest

During every minute of work keep the RPM above 95 (female) / 105 (male) for the first 30 secs and above 75 (female) / 85 (male) for the second 30 secs




Gymnastics Phase 4: Ring & P-Bar Routines

Posted 14th July 2016 by Josh Schouten

For the last 4 month the “gymnasts” at Momentum have steadily increase their bent arm strength in both pushing and pulling movements.  Countless sets and reps have seen many of you make gradual progressions with your gymnastics strength training (GST).

This new phase is going to put this GST to use as we start to introduce small gymnastics ring and parallel bar routines. We will be using a combination of movements on the P-bars and the Rings to continue to challenge athletes of all abilities.  Over the weeks ahead our goal is to start link as many of these movements together as possible.  There are many different ways that we can start to work towards this target… (more…)

Heavy Metcon 13/6/16

Posted 12th July 2016 by Geoff Stewart




Warm up


Working with a partner YGIG

Goblet squats 5×5

Weighted Press ups 5×5

KB swings 5×5

Ring rows 5×5


Working in teams in a EMOM format for 12 mins per staion

A Deadlifts x5 and target jumps ME

B bench press x5 and Rope smash ME

C Back squats x5 and Ball slams ME


Finisher bike RPM team challange