G.P.P training program 14th – 20th December

Geoff Stewart | 13-12-2020
Third week back post lockdown 2.0 and its the week before Christmas dinner so lets apply some pressure and get some through some work. You would have noticed by now that we are repeating a lot of the complexes. (maybe you haven't) this is because we really want to get these complex into your wheel houses. Good luck, be brave... [Read more]

G.P.P training program 7th – 13th December

Geoff Stewart | 06-12-2020
Its our second week back and there are a few aches and pains a few funny walks but clad to say lots of smiling faces in the gym. Its a full week of programming this week so check it out see what you fancy and then choice what you need to do. Good luck, be brave and clean your hands.... [Read more]

StrongCon – December to January

Jenna Fisher | 02-12-2020
  StrongCon - Dec 2020 to Jan 2021 **A change has been made to the workout rota since this was first posted so check the new dates on the spreadsheet** Welcome back! A couple of key points for the next six weeks of StrongCon: -The workout now rotates every week -The workouts were tested just before lockdown 2. If you... [Read more]

Barbell Club – December

Jenna Fisher
  Barbell Club Program - December 2020 pdf Some notes on Barbell Club post-lockdown 2.0: After the previous 4-month lockdown we had to start over and work through a few months of muscle endurance and hypertrophy before being ready to start the big lifts again. Unfortunately we got locked down again just as this was about to happen so we... [Read more]