StrongCon – June to August

Josh Schouten | 27-06-2021
StrongCon program, June - August 2021 Since covid restrictions are remaining for a little while longer this program will continue to keep you working alone in one spot without much movement. As before, since you cannot share equipment, feel free to adapt any exercise to accommodate the equipment available. The exception is the max effort 20 sec sets in workout... [Read more]

G.P.P training program 28th – 4th July

Josh Schouten
As we take on a new program and a slightly different structure for the days we will need some time to adjust. To begin with, we will be working on triples on the big lifts, these will be at percentage ranges that should be adhered to for best results, later on, we will be aiming to improve the rate of... [Read more]

Barbell Club: June – August

Jenna Fisher | 21-06-2021
The next BBC phase will run from 22nd June - 2nd August: Barbell Club Program - 22nd June - 2nd August . For the main lifts (squat, OHP, deadlift, bench, pull-up), the method will be as follows: Weeks 1 & 2: rest pause - hypertrophy (full info below) Weeks 3 & 4: rest pause - strength (more info will be posted... [Read more]

G.P.P training program 21st – 27th  June

Josh Schouten | 20-06-2021
This week being the last of this phase before we see some movement towards some heavier load and lower reps in the strength work. We have seen some great efforts as a whole since reopening. Let's keep this momentum moving on into the next phase. The next phase will start to see Wednesdays being a testing day that will roll... [Read more]

Spin F.A.Q

Josh Schouten | 15-06-2021
  Why Spin? Firstly, we realised that spin has lost its way in London and we want to bring it back to the essence of riding a bike and doing it well. "Watts not weights" is the motto. If you're after push-ups and curls come to MetCon because spin is all about riding. In true Momentum style, we will be fun and full of community love whilst getting you to... [Read more]

Barbell Club – Test Week

Jenna Fisher | 14-06-2021
The 15th - 21st June is test week for Barbell Club (Click here for the pdf doc: BBC Test program, June 2021) Over the last couple of months, we have been focussing on rebuilding muscle endurance and hypertrophy. The strength phase is coming but first, you need to know your starting point so that you can measure your improvements through... [Read more]

Gymnastics June programming

Anthony Masters | 04-06-2021
Right guys, A quick update to the gymnastics programming, this will be the program for the next 3 weeks. We may retest the first week of July our 1RM chin up & dip again to see how we have all progressed these last couple of months. This depends on a few things so I will decide closer to the time.... [Read more]