Barbell Club – April

Jenna Fisher | 27-03-2023
April will be continuing with hypertrophy but with some sets of functional hypertrophy to bridge the gap into the strength program that we will be starting next month. If you attend Barbell Basics and would like to try Barbell Club this would be a good month to do so. Barbell Club - April 2023

CrossFit Program -27th March – 2nd April 2023

Geoff Stewart | 26-03-2023
Week 2. this week we want you to keep the focus on those numbers but we are going to spend some time working on that skill we all need to master.   Monday – Squat and Pulling Tuesday – Clean & Jerk Wednesday – Conditioning Thursday – Gymnastics Friday – Deadlift and pushing Saturday – Snatch Sunday - Service  ... [Read more]

CrossFit Program -20th March – 26th March 2023

Geoff Stewart | 19-03-2023
Week 1. A new training phase. “As with all the new training programs I crack in with the usual blurb about Momentum being a GPP program, General physical preparedness. Which in layperson terms means.  "GPP is intended to provide balanced physical conditioning in endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, and other basic factors of fitness."  with that said you'll be lifting weights, jumping... [Read more]

CrossFit Program -13th March – 19th March 2023

Geoff Stewart | 12-03-2023
Week 10. This is the final week of this phase of training. We are asking you to test some numbers this week. We are not asking for 1rep maxes if your not feeling but just a good solid lift for the day there are some solid workouts coming your way. Work hard and reap the rewards.   Monday – Deadlift... [Read more]

A Brief intro to Macronutrients – What are they?

Josh Schouten | 10-03-2023
Alright, here we go! Let's talk about the three amigos of nutrition: fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. They each have their own unique roles in the human body, and boy, do we need 'em. Let's dive into the science behind the roles of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in the human body.   Fats: Fats are an essential component of cell membranes... [Read more]

CrossFit Program -6th March – 12th March 2023

Geoff Stewart | 05-03-2023
Week 9. the gains train is rolling along.   Monday – Deadlift and pushing Tuesday – Snatch Wednesday – Conditioning Thursday – Gymnastics Friday – Squat and Pulling Saturday – Clean & Jerk Sunday - Service   Monday – Deadlift and pushing 20mins to do A Deadlift build to a heavy single for the day 80-95% -3,3,2,2,1,1 A1 Bench press... [Read more]

Barbell basic March-2023

Geoff Stewart | 01-03-2023
  Barbell Basics-March 202023.  The key is in the name -Barbell Basics, you will be lifting weights and keeping it simple (this doesn't mean easy) The program is designed to cover all the lifting bases from big exercises and bigger muscle groups all the way to smaller more isolation exercises and smaller muscle group to ensure all bases are covered.... [Read more]