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Heavy Metcon 5/10/16

Geoff Stewart | 04-10-2016
              3 is the magic number   Warm up For workout   Working with a partners in a YGIG format AFAP for 3mins do 3 reps of the movement then rest 3min and reset for next movement . Power cleans @70%BW Back squats @ 80% BW OH push press @ 50%BW Deadlifts @ 110%BW... [Read more]

Making mind gains?

mtadmin | 27-09-2016
Gains! All of us are trying to make gains. Every week we turn up at the gym, we put the work in, we get uncomfortable, and we even put up with the coaches' banter. We know that being fitter, faster, and stronger benefits our health in all sorts of ways, but does training at Momentum help our minds as well... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 21/9/16

Geoff Stewart | 20-09-2016
Its all about the numbers.. Warm up like you mean it.   With a BB. Muscle cleans x5 High clean pull x5 Power clean x5 Push press x5   Increase weight on the bar slowly until to a good weight then move to clean and press and build to a good heavy single approx. 70% 1rpm   Workout in pairs... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 24/8/16

Geoff Stewart | 23-08-2016
              Warm up –like you mean it.   Working in a YGIG format with a partner Bear Complex: Power clean Front squat Push jerk Back squat Rack jerk   Round 1 – 6mins 3reps each movement with a lightish weight Rounds 2 – 6mins 2 reps each movement with a mediumish weight Round 3... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 29/6/2016

Geoff Stewart | 28-06-2016
Warm up / Mobility   A1 Back squats max reps @ BW in 2 mins A2 Air squats max reps in 2 mins   B1 Max reps bench press @70%BW in 2 mins B2 max reps press up in 2 mins   C 20 min YGIG 6 BB thruster @ 40/50kg 12 Heavy RKBS

Heavy Metcon 1/6/16

Geoff Stewart | 31-05-2016
Warm up With a BB work through the complex without stopping DL Power cleans Front squats Push press Back squat Rack thrusters 10 reps each movements rest 90 seconds x3   Bike / Rowing DT Working in teams 3 follow the leader as soon as bike / rower is clear. Alternating between air bike and rower do a hard 25kcal then... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 26/5/16

Geoff Stewart | 24-05-2016
  Warm up KB swings 10 Press ups 10 KB squats 10 Ring rows 10   Part A YGIG format 1 rep of each exercise for 15 mins Squat cleans (challenging weight) Pull ups (weighted chains)   Part B YGIG format 1 rep of each exercise for 15 mins Deadlifts (challenging weight) Dips (weighted chains)   Part C YGIG format... [Read more]