Crossfit Weapons – 2/7/207

Geoff Stewart | 30-06-2017
Warm up 10mins Mobility 12min to AMRAP -light 10x KB swings 10x STOH ea 10x walking lunges -el 10x Strict knee raises   6min AMRAP alt movements 12x power clean @ 45/30 3x Burpee rest 3min to re-set bar 6min AMRAP alt movements 9x power cleans @ 60/45 6x Burpee rest 3minto re-set bar 6 min AMRAP alt movements 6x... [Read more]

CF training program, Squats, week 3 3/7/17 – 9/7/17

Geoff Stewart
Into week 3 of our 6 week squat phase. Read more background about the training plan here. We are switching our squats around again this week: you'll have the pleasure of back squatting twice this week and front squatting once, the rep numbers are down into that magic functional zone range, you should be looking at hitting some 3rpm max lifts in your final... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 28/6/2017

Geoff Stewart | 27-06-2017
New toys...   Working with a partner   Do a Kcals descending ladder on bike 20 > 1   One person does Kcals whilst other partner works on exercise then switch over. You much finish all reps of each exercise before moving onto next exercise but always descending Kcals on the bike ladder.   50 Deadlifts @ 120% BW 50... [Read more]

Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 7 – Mr Universe

Jenna Fisher | 26-06-2017
The next Old School phase borrows from a former Mr Universe. Charles invited myself and Josh to train with him recently and we picked up some gems. The 6-8 paused reps straight into 6-8 explosive reps are inspired by these sessions. Ensure that you use a weight that burns by the time you hit the explosive reps. Get a full... [Read more]

Crossfit Hackney Weapons Sunday 25/6/2017

Geoff Stewart | 23-06-2017
  Warm up and do your mobility - 10mins A. 8min to AMRAP 10x KB swings 10x push press 10x kBb squats run 200mtrs (rear alley)   B. 12min Build up to a good 3rpm Power clean and press for the day between each set do 3MU or 6xmini muscle up practise   C. 24mins- working on your own 1x... [Read more]

CrossFit Gymnastics – Phase 2

Jenna Fisher | 21-06-2017
First of all huge congratulations to everyone for the last six weeks! You have been so much fun to coach and have achieved so much. Not only have there been first muscle ups (from around ten people I think?!) but triple sets as well. Many other firsts with handstand push ups and chin ups. Not to mention the bulging biceps... [Read more]

Heavy Hotcon 21/6/2017

Geoff Stewart | 20-06-2017
  Working in mixed teams of 4 in a circuit format 45/15 work to rest 16mins   Round 1 Bike Deadlifts Rowing DB thrusters   Round 2 Bike Cleans Rowing DB squats   Round 3 KB squats KB press ups KB swings KB rows

Crossfit Hackney Weapons Sunday 18/6/2017

Geoff Stewart | 16-06-2017
10min Mobility / Warm up   8 min - AMRAP A1 Bike 45sec @ 50% A2 Ring rows x10 A3 Skipping 45sec A4 Banded pull a-parts x20   12min - E2MOM2M - 6sets B1.Weighted Pull ups 6x3   6min - DB / BB complex warm up - Light C1. Deadlifts x3 C2. Power clean x3 C3. Front squats x3 C4.... [Read more]