Heavy Metcon 7/7/2019

Geoff Stewart
HMC This is an advanced class you need to competent with your basic lifts and able to work with out much coaching. We can scale all workout so if you feel brave and want to try it out please check in with the coach. Good Luck. (more…)

Crossfit training program 5/8/2019 -11/8/209

Geoff Stewart
Week 1 of our August training program. This week and with this short block we are aiming for a rounded approach to training were we are going to cover all bases from structural balance, basic lifting, olympic lifting skill, heavy breathing and of course fun.   Monday: Clean and jerk skills and some heavy breathing Tuesday: Structural balance and some wall... [Read more]

August 2019 Crossfit training program

Geoff Stewart | 03-08-2019
So, it’s a bit of a change around for August’s training plan which kicks of on Moday 5thand takes you all the way through to Sunday 1st. So why is a bit of a change? Its the month where a lot of you peeps are of flashing your booties and you hard earned gains on the beech’s of the Mediterranean... [Read more]