Gymnastics – February 2020

Jenna Fisher | 29-01-2020
January's classes focussed on intense conditioning workouts. Well done to everyone for exceptional performances in what was a very tough format. February brings new skills and shifts the focus back to strength with a small conditioning component at the end. Advanced will learn how to do shoulder stands on the rings. Wide grip fat grip pull-ups will be the focus... [Read more]

Crossfit program 20th – 26th Jan 2020

Josh Schouten | 19-01-2020
Just like that, we are up to week 3 of the 2020 program, let's build on those efforts so far this year and get some good number happening this week! We have some big bits and pieces coming up with our social events, if you haven't heard you can find more info here. Along with this Anthony Masters will be... [Read more]

Social Events – Games, Comps, Theatre and Art

Jenna Fisher | 17-01-2020
As the end of Dry January looms we have a list of social events to keep us all busy until summer begins. Some events have a booking deadline. The deadline for 'Otherworld' is this Thursday, 23rd January. Tickets can be bought in the Teamup store. Teamup is the system that you use to book into classes. For all events, WhatsApp... [Read more]

6- week Mobility Workshop: Sat 8th Feb – Sat 14th Mar

Anthony Masters | 13-01-2020
Whatever our daily activities involve, from sitting in front of a computer, to practicing a sport or training at the gym, doing house chores or playing with our children, it’s not uncommon to run into some degree of physical discomfort or restriction that can make those activities harder to execute. We were all born with similar degrees of freedom in... [Read more]

Mobility – January 2020

Anthony Masters | 07-01-2020
Happy new year all, For the mobility classes this month i will be bringing things back to basics in the sense that we will be revisiting classes that we started with when I first started doing the classes. These were full body classes that addressed a lot of key joints that most to working on which is why I want... [Read more]

StrongCon: 13th January – 5th April

Jenna Fisher | 06-01-2020
  The new StrongCon program begins on Monday 13th January. There are 6 new workouts - one for each day of the week, Monday to Saturday. Each workout will be performed on the same day for two consecutive weeks. The workout will then rotate to the next day i.e. workout 1 will be performed on Monday for two weeks and... [Read more]

January – Olympic Weightlifting

Josh Schouten | 05-01-2020
Week 1 - Starting Monday 6 January  Monday A: Power Snatch with 2s Pause at the Knees (focus on strong start position, everything engaged in that pause) 6x2 (50,60,70,70,70,70%) B: Snatch from Mid-Shin - (for the first rep, deadlift the bar up and lower down to mid-shin) 8x2 (50,60,70,70,70,70%) C: Snatch Panda Pulls - 6x5 (50,65,65,65,65,65%) D: Backsquats: 1x5 @25%,... [Read more]