G.P.P. training program 31st August -6th September 2020

Posted 30th August 2020 by Geoff Stewart

Another week is coming your way Peeps and its looking tasty.

We are not taking the foot of the pedal this week but we are putting it out there if your are carrying aches and pains, feeling tired and don’t feeling your recovering as well as you might it may be time to back off for few sessions. This doesn’t mean miss session just back up on your intensity (tell your coach) also have a look at your food and your sleep. Are you eating enough? Are you getting enough carbs in at the right time? Are you getting enough sleep?

Train hard,  recover harder.


Week 7.

Monday. Cleans

Tuesday. Squat and Pull

Wednesday. Snatch

Thursday. Other programs

Friday. Deadlift and push

Saturday. Heavy breathing

Sunday. Other programs


Gymnastics Programming – September

Posted 26th August 2020 by Anthony Masters

Hello all,

First off big well done to everyone that has been making it to gymnastics class. There have been fast improvements happening all round and great feedback about the programming. I now want to offer something more that will suit all levels while being able to coach and give everyone as much attention as possible.

Part 1: there will be an option for those that feel they have ring muscle ups in the bag and now want to progress this from a strength perspective. This will now come in the form of doing some fun ring routines (WATCH THESE VIDEOS Ring Routine Beginner & Ring Routine Advanced). For those that are still building towards your first muscle up we got you covered and are going to spend this month also teaching the kipping muscle up while you continue to develop your strength for the stricter version.


Mobility class – September

Posted 24th August 2020 by Anthony Masters

Hello all,

As many know during lockdown mobility classes were running online which eventually moved to tuesday evenings in the park. We have now decided to move these classes back into the gym and will run every tuesday from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. I realise that we have many new members that have recently joined Momentum and so i wanted to briefly explain what the mobility class is about and provide the itinerary for the next month. (more…)

StrongCon – Aug/Sept

Posted by Jenna Fisher

The new StrongCon program begins this week, Tuesday 25th August.

Now that your muscles have got used to training again, the StrongCon workouts will rotate their day as previously done before lockdown.  This means that if you attend this class on Tuesdays, for example, you will do workout 1 for two weeks, then workout 2 for two weeks, and then workout 3 for two weeks. Note your performance in the first week and try to improve it in the second week. You will then have a new workout challenge to overcome the following week.

The workouts and the full rota can be downloaded here:

StrongCon workouts and timetable

For some exercises, alternatives are given so that no-one has to share equipment. With guidance from your coach, you are welcome to choose an appropriate alternative for any movement should you need to for this reason, or due to an injury etc.

The workouts and rota are also provided below: