Weightlifting – February 2020

Posted 2nd February 2020 by claudia clarkson

Week 1


A: Snatch Balance: 5×2:  aim to catch strong and land into a full squat if you can

B: Panda Pull + Hang Snatch : 1×3@50%, 1×2@60%. 1×2@70%, 5×1 @75%

1 rep = 1+1 and Panda Pulls should be from the floor

C: Backsquats: 1×5@25%, 1×2@60%, 1×2@75%, 2×6@75%



Gymnastics – February 2020

Posted 29th January 2020 by Jenna Fisher

January’s classes focussed on intense conditioning workouts. Well done to everyone for exceptional performances in what was a very tough format.

February brings new skills and shifts the focus back to strength with a small conditioning component at the end.

Advanced will learn how to do shoulder stands on the rings. Wide grip fat grip pull-ups will be the focus of the strength, and conditioning – a different workout each week – will test muscle-ups, HSPUs, ring dips, and handstand walks.

Intermediate will learn how to swing from an L-sit to a shoulder stand on the low p-bars. Wide grip pull-ups and elbow dips will start the journey towards muscle-ups, and conditioning – a different workout each week – will test your endurance in one strength movement when paired with double unders in a 10 min AMRAP.

Beginners will work on chin-up strength, progressions for TTB, and 10 min AMRAPs to practice double unders.

If you are trying to achieve your first chin-up, remember that it is a long journey, that requires consistent training. One upper body session per week, sporadically, will not be enough to achieve this goal. Aim to attend two upper-body sessions per week, every week, for at least six months. Two Barbell Club would be ideal but if you enjoy the other movements in gymnastics, one gymnastics and one Barbell Club could also work. What many forget is that bicep and forearm strength is essential. Make sure that you focus when you do the biceps exercises and try to make them as strong as possible. Percentage guidelines for the Scott curl will be given by your coach in class.


What’s what at Momentum Training – How to find your class/s

Posted 27th January 2020 by Josh Schouten

Welcome to Momentum Training,

As some of you are new with us we thought we would skip the awkward part and introduce ourselves first. As we’re not your typical leisure facility we thought it might be best if we let you know what is the main difference between our classes and what might suit you and your fitness thirst.


Crossfit program 20th – 26th Jan 2020

Posted 19th January 2020 by Josh Schouten

Just like that, we are up to week 3 of the 2020 program, let’s build on those efforts so far this year and get some good number happening this week! We have some big bits and pieces coming up with our social events, if you haven’t heard you can find more info here. Along with this Anthony Masters will be adding a little sprinkle of Mobility to a Saturday with his Mobility workshop that is coming in February, again read more here.