Crossfit Program – 27th June – 3rd July 2022

Geoff Stewart | 26-06-2022
Week 3. We have done some testing and found positives and some weaknesses. It's time to begin to build again and buckle down.  This week we are doing some work people. Clean t-shirts, new socks and do up your shoe laces tight we are working.   Monday – Squat and Pulling Tuesday – Snatch Wednesday – Conditioning Thursday – Gymnastics... [Read more]

Crossfit Program – 20th June – 26th June 2022

Geoff Stewart | 19-06-2022
Week 2.  This week is going to be our testing week for this phase you'll be doing some heavy breathing (bike/ rowing intervals) a new CrossFit girl called "Ellen" and a Clean and Jerk max. A lot of you guys know how this goes, choose your scales and put the pedal down and do the best you then have 10... [Read more]

Metcon comp update!

Jenna Fisher | 16-06-2022
Further instructions on the workouts are given below but first: Due to popularity, a third session has been added to Teamup for 12.30pm. Scores will be collected from all the teams in all three sessions and the winner will be announced at the BBQ*. (*We are supplying the BBQ food. Gin and vodka will be available to buy from the... [Read more]

Crossfit Program – 13th June – 19th June 2022

Geoff Stewart | 12-06-2022
Week 1. We are heading into a new training phase people. This week we are going to get back into the groove with a "bedding" in a week, this isn't a easy week people.  The testing in this phase will happen in week 2 and you'll be doing some heavy breathing (bike/ rowing intervals) a new CrossFit girl called "Ellen"... [Read more]

Maxout & Metcon team comp!

Jenna Fisher | 09-06-2022
On Saturday 18th June we are having a community day of social events for our members. There will be powerlifting sessions early morning to max your squat/bench/deadlifts, metcon team competitions mid-morning, and BBQ and beer in the afternoon. (more…)

Barbell Basics.

Geoff Stewart
  Barbell Basics has been running for 4 weeks now so it's time to change things around a little. This doesn't mean it's going to get complex. We are going to change the days over so if you're only doing 1-day you'll still get an understanding of the movement and the program.  If you want to build some tone, learn... [Read more]

Crossfit Program – 6th June – 12th June 2022

Geoff Stewart | 05-06-2022
Week 10. This is our testing week. This doesn't mean we are going to sit about drinking coffee and eating biscuits, we are still going to follow the format of the program but we have put a few milestone workouts into to week and you're going to spend a bit more time than normal getting prepared for the workout (if... [Read more]

Gymnastics program – June

Anthony Masters | 04-06-2022
Hello team, So here we go into phase 3 of the programming. This month we continue to build on top of the foundations we were working on in the previous 2 months making things a little harder as we get stronger. Both Tuesday and Thursday sessions are different, but you will also have freedom at the beginning to master any... [Read more]