Strong Con – arch 325 – Jan 23

Jenna Fisher | 10-01-2023
Building work in Arch 325 has been completed over the Christmas break. The metcon room has been extended in size and fully equipped with assault bikes, rowers, ski ergs, a larger sled track, squat racks and barbells, and all the usual DBs/KBs. A Tuesday 6am StrongCon has been added to the timetable in this arch. The style of workout can... [Read more]

Crossfit Program -9th January – 15th January 2023

Geoff Stewart | 08-01-2023
Week 1. A new training plan. It's time for a new plan and we are going in Hot. As with all the new training programs I crack in with the usual blurb about Momentum Being a GPP program, General physical preparedness. Which in layperson terms means.  "GPP is intended to provide balanced physical conditioning in endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, and... [Read more]

Barbell basic Febuary-2023

Geoff Stewart | 07-01-2023
  Barbell Basics. We are starting the new year with a new program. The key is in the name -Barbell Basics, you will be lifting weights and keeping it simple (this doesn't mean easy) The program is designed to cover all the lifting bases from big exercises and bigger muscle groups all the way to smaller more isolation exercises and... [Read more]

Learn to Lift – Jan / Feb 2023

Josh Schouten | 01-01-2023
What is our Learn to Lift intro course and who is it for? Our course is a comprehensive introduction to simple and complex lifting (more detail below) and it is suitable for anyone, regardless of fitness level or prior gym experience. Read on to find out more, or if you'd like to try out our CrossFit Trial Class first, book... [Read more]

Crossfit Program -2nd January – 8th January 2023

Geoff Stewart
Week 6. It's another short week this one but stick to the plan and keep moving.   Monday – Squat and Pulling Tuesday – Snatch Wednesday – Conditioning Thursday – Gymnastics Friday – Deadlift and pushing Saturday – Clean & Jerk Sunday - Service   Monday –Put your feet up.   Tuesday – Snatch Snatch high pull, Hang muscle snatch,... [Read more]

What’s what @ Momentum Training – How to find your ideal class

Josh Schouten
Welcome to Momentum Training, As some of you are new to us we thought we would skip the awkward part and introduce ourselves first. As we're not your typical leisure facility we thought it might be best if we let you know what is the main difference between our classes and what might suit you and your fitness thirst. (more…)