Josh and Jenna go to Tom Hibbert’s Squat Seminar

Geoff Stewart | 31-01-2017
Josh and Jenna like to go on courses. Jenna falls in love with the colour-coded spreadsheets and Josh likes to talk the coach's ear off with his interesting facts. (Usually nothing to do with training. Would you expect anything else?). Their latest adventure took them to Tom Hibbert’s squat seminar. Tom was England’s strongest man for three years and the world’s... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 1/2/2017

Geoff Stewart
Do your mobility then lets get involved: To start: On your own 5mins 10x KB swings 10x press ups 10x KB squats 10x ring rows   In the middle: Working in teams 4 30/30 work / rest for 36mins Back squats @ 80% Power cleans @ 70% KB STOH @ 50% Bike @ RPM >   To end: On your... [Read more]

The Fastest Way to Get Better At CrossFit

Josh Schouten
It's a new year, and many of us kicked-off the year with new goals and new motivations. Is this the year when your focus on building strength, improve your conditioning, or simply become a better version of last years model?  Speaking with some members in the gym, some have set the goal to be better at CrossFit with the idea of... [Read more]

The Crossfit Open 2017

Geoff Stewart | 26-01-2017
We are coming to that time in the year again when we all start spouting off about the Open.  What is the Open I hear some of you cry, is it a golf tournament or is it Scotty's mouth again? NO, it's the CrossFit 2017 Open. Here is a brief breakdown for you boys and girls who aren’t fully down with... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 25/1/2017

Geoff Stewart | 24-01-2017
    Warm up   Working with a partner in a YGIG format 40mins 3 power cleans @80% 12 KBS -Heavy 3 Push press / Jerk  (same as PC) 12 Goblet squats - Heavy Every 5min where ever you are do a burpee pull ME then return to where you left

Heavy Metcon 18/1/2017

Geoff Stewart | 17-01-2017
Warm up because you know its good for you.   Working with a partner 6min YGIG 3x Deadlifts @1.5bw 6x RkB swings 3mins Bike alt 30sec 6min YGIG 3x Bench press @80% bw 6x press ups 3mins Battle ropes alt 30sec 6min YGIG 3x Power cleans @80% bw 6x ball slams 3mins rowing alt 30sec 6min YGIG 3x Back squats @bw 6x... [Read more]