2nd December to 8th December 2019

Posted 1st December 2019 by Geoff Stewart


Lets get into it Week 2-4. so some people have already fallen foul of the  part bus and the jolly month of December has only just started. Find below your training plan for the following week.


Keep those pies warm…..

Monday – Squats and more some air squats

Tuesday – Snatching and breathing

Wednesday -Power clean for “Rugrats”

Thursday -Unicorn ninja magic stuff

Friday – Deadlift, bench press and pump

Saturday – Cleans, Clusters and “inverse”

Sunday – Cindy running (more…)

December – Weightlifting

Posted by Josh Schouten

We start the first week strong! We are going to test our main lifts in week 1 and establish where we are and if you are new to Oly and aren’t sure what your maxes our, this is a fun way to find out!

Throughout the weeks, we will be including a lot more work from mid-shin and/or a pause at the knees, focusing on trying to maintain strong back throughout the whole lift.

Snatch Balance and OHS, to work on our core!

Squats percentages are on the upper %, therefore make sure your warm up sets are dynamic and explosive.


Week 1


A: Power Snatch + Snatch Balance : 5×1+1 ( Keep it light)

B: Snatch Lift Off + Power Snatch + Snatch : 4×1+1+1 (do not exceed 70%)

C: Snatch: Find your max for the day


Dec Mobility

Posted 29th November 2019 by Anthony Masters

Hi guys, so Dec will see 3 classes, each class will give you something to remember me about over the xmas… in a thankful way. They are gonna be pretty specific, i am going to give a taste of what it feels like to hold a stretch for 12-15mins… its a long time but this is about improving cold mobility (owning ranges of motion without warming up to them) and reality is holding a stretch for 1-2mins does nothing in the long term for cold mobility. “Mini rant” Mobility is strength training and not simply stretching so you will be doing LOTS of active work during that period to communicate with the nervous system which supports achieving cold mobility gains. With long time under tension it is important to minimise pain by developing a positive response to it. One technique i will be introducing at the start of the classes which will serve to help you through the class by bringing you into a parasympathetic (relaxation) state will be breath work. We are all used to thinking & moving fast and striving on stress but very few of us are capable to bring the body to a state of relaxation after a bout of stress within a short period of time. This is an important role in mobility training. I feel most of you struggle with this concept and i understand why, but i won’t bore you with that. Just come and learn for yourself.

Internal rotation of the joints will be the focus for the first 2 weeks, this simply helps make everything else move better in the joints so is a win win for all and what most of you need.
As usual all levels are welcome, i will adjust accordingly to your experience.
Class itinerary
Wk 1 – Squatapocalypse: hip internal rotation focused in 90/90, adios to old hips hello to new hips. We will test the bodyweight squat before & after.
Wk 2 – shoulderopener: shoulder internal rotation focused, we are aiming to hit a particular area right behind the shoulder that helps open up the shoulder joint allowing freedom for all other movements. We will use stick/ band dislocations for assessment.
Wk 3 – full body: the run up to christmas i expect it to be pretty dead so will play this one by ear. I might even join in if its not busy.
Ant x

Crossfit training plan 25th November to 1st December 2019

Posted 24th November 2019 by Geoff Stewart

We have come to the end of Autumn training phase and hopefully you have built even more robustness to withstand the on slaught of the pre x-mas, x-mas and post x-mas party sessions. We are happy with the way the plan laid it-selfout as with all these things there has been some good, some not so good and some ace feedback but on the whole fun has been had and the team is look fitter and stronger.

This training block, we’re calling it a block because it’s not really long enough to be a phase is going to a short 4-week blast to take up to said party time.  We have no specific goals with this short phase apart from “building a better you”. Yes, I know it’s a cheese saying but you know not so deep down we all love it.

You’ll be delighted to hear that we have an amazing guessed programmer stepping in and spicing up the 2 weeks before the x-mas break so eye peeled, hair washed, legging tight and buns firm.


Lets get into it Week 1-4. Enjoy x

Monday – Squats and 14min

Tuesday – Snatching and testing

Wednesday -Thrusters and 7mins

Thursday -Unicorn ninja magic stuff

Friday – Deadlift, bench press and 6mins

Saturday – Cleans and EMOM

Sunday – The seven (more…)

Crossfit program 18th November to 24th November

Posted 17th November 2019 by Geoff Stewart

Week 12 of 12 . Week 12, Can you believe it? Its finally come around the final week of this training phase and (as far as i can see) its been a goody. No one had died and everyone is looking solid. We got some fun and some challenges for you to end this phase with. Be brave but not stupid and if your going to be stupid, best of luck.

Monday – Clean complex and reps

Tuesday – Bench press and “poor grip”.

Wednesday -“Sweaty Buckets” twice?

Thursday -Unicorn ninja magic stuff

Friday – Deadlift and “up to 10”

Saturday – “Breakfast on the line” yes really

Sunday – “To much” (more…)