Gymnastics October Program

Anthony Masters | 29-09-2021
Hello team, First off big well done to those that got their first bar muscle up and everyone else that generally got stronger with a bag of new skills along the way. This month we start a new cycle which will be a 6 week block in 2 phases. (more…)

Barbell Club – October

Jenna Fisher | 27-09-2021
Barbell Club program: 28th September - 25th October  Barbell Club will be coming with add-ons for October! In addition to the October program above I will be posting a "Grow your" series later this week. This series will provide an optional add-on program for each muscle group should you wish to pay a little more attention to sculpting and growing... [Read more]

StrongCon: 20th Sept – 31st Oct

Jenna Fisher | 20-09-2021
  Since we re-opened, I have used a similar format for the workouts within each program cycle. This was to help the people new to the class get settled in and comfortable. This month I think we are ready to increase the challenge so each workout will provide a different stimulus: Workout 1 - long intervals Workout 2 - (mostly)... [Read more]

Olympic Lifting – September – October (6 weeks)

Josh Schouten | 07-09-2021
  It's finally here. After a long hiatus, we have managed to bring back the long-awaited Olympic Weightlifting class (90mins). We will be kicking it off this Saturday 10am. We are going to tie the session in with the regular CrossFit program as many already dabble in both. This will allow you to get a solid 3 days of lifting... [Read more]

September Mobility Program

Anthony Masters | 06-09-2021
Hello guys, Below is an itinerary for September of what will be covered each week in the mobility class. If you didn’t know about this class it is every tues @ 6:30pm arch 328, front room where we spend some time making our bodies move & feel better. (more…)