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Crossfit Program 21st-27th October 2019

Posted 20th October 2019 by Geoff Stewart

Week 8 of 12 . Week 8, this is our abstract week were we mess about with the plan and go of pietse

Good luck be brave check your shoe laces.

Monday – Cleans, pull ups and  a “sinking boat”

Tuesday – Bench press  and “all the ups”

Wednesday -“searching”

Thursday -Unicorn ninja magic stuff

Friday – Deadlift, pressing and climbing

Saturday – Snatching and “Ouch”

Sunday – 20.3 (more…)

New Class! StrongCon

Posted 15th October 2019 by Jenna Fisher

StrongCon is a new class that will be starting on Monday 4th November.

The class will be half strength and half conditioning. Think barbell club meets metcon.

The weightlifting element will be a scale-up from regular metcon by replacing dumbbells with barbells for the main lifts*. This will give you the opportunity to add some weight to your squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. (*All movements will be fully taught to any beginners and scales will be given where necessary). This will be followed by accessory exercises with dumbbells and cables for stability and joint health.

The conditioning element will be traditional metcon: assault bike, rower, running, ski erg, sled pushing and so on.

The classes will be programmed and published on the blog at the start of each cycle.


How could this class benefit me? A few examples: 

-Beginners can learn movement patterns in more detail than in Metcon classes.

-Metcon-only members can progress to a barbell without the complication of learning the highly technical lifts required for CrossFit. (StrongCon will be included in metcon-only memberships).

-Barbell Club members can add some fitness without losing the gains.

-CrossFitters can get that extra chest and arms day without losing the metcon fix.


Click on (more.) for the class programme and timetable.


Crossfit program 14th – 20th October 2019

Posted 13th October 2019 by Geoff Stewart

Week 7 of 12 . Week 7, the training pattern is the same as last week, we would like you to look for where you struggled last week and crush those areas this week. There is a good selection of stuff to do, get it done and have fun.

Good luck be brave check your shoe laces.

Monday – Cleans and 2x3min

Tuesday – Bench press  and squeeze and step

Wednesday -“snakes and ladders”

Thursday -Unicorn ninja magic stuff

Friday – Deadlift and working and resting

Saturday – Snatch and “Partner Thumb War”

Sunday – Crossfit OPEN workout 20.2 (more…)

*CrossFit Open Announcement*

Posted 9th October 2019 by Josh Schouten

This Sunday the 13th we will be the first of five CrossFit Open workouts. We will be doing the workout during the CrossFit sessions on Sunday! We will be judging and recording scores for those taking part int he registered open. If not, it will still be good to get a score that you call recall in the future. Claudia and I will be the judges that can verify your scores. Judging will close Monday 5 pm PT (USA). We will then have until Wednesday 5 pm PT to validate. Please don’t miss this as we cannot do anything if you miss this deadline!