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Spin F.A.Q

Posted 15th June 2021 by Josh Schouten


Why Spin?

Firstly, we realised that spin has lost its way in London and we want to bring it back to the essence of riding a bike and doing it well. “Watts not weights” is the motto. If you’re after push-ups and curls come to MetCon because spin is all about riding. In true Momentum style, we will be fun and full of community love whilst getting you to work (very) hard through the 2 different class types, Burn and Perform.

Burn will be our general cycling class that will pay some attention to numbers (gears / RPM) but will predominantly focus on having fun and building up a sweat, a burn and an endorphin rush. This class will progress your fitness.

Perform will be where the focus is more on the numbers (watts / power). This will be a structured class with weekly and monthly programming cycles – similar to that of our gym classes. Each class will be goal-oriented to take you from A to B over a period of time while increasing your understanding of riding a bike and achieving progression over the long-term.

Secondly, our community over the past year has remained very strong. Instead of growing elsewhere we decided to bring more to the community we already have.

Thirdly, Josh wanted to show you his cycling skills, Jenna wanted to play some banging tunes on a sound system that works, and Geoff had always wanted to buy some mirror balls.

Is there a Spin Opening offer?

Yes, we have 50 Unlimited Spin memberships that will be £100pcm for the life of the membership. You can buy this with the button at the bottom of this email.

Where will the Spin classes be?

Spin classes will be held in Arch 325 Acton mews.

Can I use both Gym and Spin under the same membership?

Unlimited membership will cover all classes in Arch 328 & Arch 325, this can be a rolling membership or 6-12 months paid upfront.

Can I get a spin or gym only membership?

You can have a 9 or 13 sessions per month spin or gym only membership. You’ll only be able to use it for gym or spin, not both.

What does a 10 pack cover?

10 session packs can be uses on both Spin and Gym.

Can I try Spin?

You are able to use the Trial pack or Single sessions on spin and/or gym.

Where can I buy a membership?

All the above are available on or via the button below.

What shoes do I need?

We will have 2 options. Regular shoes can be worn along with 2 bolt SPD mountain bike cleats.

Will you supply cleats?

Yes, although for ergonomics we suggest that you do invest in your own pair of cycling shoes.

Will there be lockers?

There will be lockers for your stuff – please bring a lock, these are not overnight or permanent lockers.

Are there changing facilities/showers?

There will be changing rooms, but if you would like a shower you’ll need to use 328 for a bit.

Will there be towels?

There will be a towel per bike service and towel rental for showers.

Do I need to pre-book sessions?

You will need to book into every session, there will not be walk-ins.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you’re unable to make your session you must cancel it with 24hr notice or you’ll lose your session. No show or late cancellation will be fined £10.00 per offense.



Barbell Club – Test Week

Posted 14th June 2021 by Jenna Fisher

The 15th – 21st June is test week for Barbell Club (Click here for the pdf doc: BBC Test program, June 2021)

Over the last couple of months, we have been focussing on rebuilding muscle endurance and hypertrophy. The strength phase is coming but first, you need to know your starting point so that you can measure your improvements through to the end.

This week will therefore be your chance to test your 1, or 3, or 5 rep max in the squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, and pull-up or chin-up.


Gymnastics June programming

Posted 4th June 2021 by Anthony Masters

Right guys,

A quick update to the gymnastics programming, this will be the program for the next 3 weeks. We may retest the first week of July our 1RM chin up & dip again to see how we have all progressed these last couple of months. This depends on a few things so I will decide closer to the time. (more…)