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G.P.P. training program 12th October 2020- 18th October 2020

Posted 10th October 2020 by Geoff Stewart

It’s been an interesting first training block back post Covid lockdown. Its been a pleasure and a huge relief to be back at it and you guys have built some solid Fitness got some descent lifting numbers back and have you back on the fitness mainline.

Our new GPP (general physical preparedness) game is going great guns although we are still awaiting the light bulb moment to come up with a snappy name for GPP…. Any Ideas please let us know. We have been hoping that we could increase some numbers in some new classes but Covid isn’t doing us any favours, so we are going to tow the line this phase and stick with current timetable and class numbers. Saying that we have shuffled the training days around and we have been thinking long and hard about where we should be going in our next training phase. After a strong coffee and slice of Elena’s walnuts, sour dough bread with a large slice of butter we have a plan.

As you know we like to cover all the bases, GPP is our mantra. Saying that it’s really important to change the stress we put on your body and in some cases, our minds to keep our bodies and mind adapting and growing.

We are going to be improving on your clean, snatch, barbell complex numbers along with our assistant lifts and building some solid conditioning. In training theory, it tells us that too much cardio (conditioning) will affect our strength gains, true to a point but a reminder our mantra is GPP. If you really want to push up those Olympic lifting numbers, you may want to have a chat to your coaches and plan a few rest days…. Yes people, rest days.


Good luck and enjoy.

Momentum Training x

Monday -snatch

Tuesday – Deadlift and Push

Wednesday Cleans

Thursdays – Gymnastics

Friday – Squats

Saturday – WODs and teams

Sunday – Other programs


StrongCon – October

Posted 5th October 2020 by Jenna Fisher

The three workouts for the next six weeks will each have a different focus. Approach them as appropriate to get the best results. As before, each class will get two weeks of each workout to allow you to set your benchmark and then try to improve it the next week. 

Workout 1 – Hard effort / move fast. Hit each set with everything you’ve got then make the most of the rest

Workout 2 – Long and steady. Dig deep for the duration of the class with minimal rest

Workout 3 – Part 1: Heavy. Part 2: Gradually getting the heart rate up. Part 3: Fast Finish

For workout 1, the effort level (speed) is more important than the specific exercise. If you need to scale or change a movement in order to maintain and repeat your pace then please do so. Each set should leave you feeling gassed so avoid movements that you are new to that will slow you down. Ask your coach if you need help with this.

The workouts are available in pdf here:

StrongCon Workouts – October 2020

Workout Rota:


Barbell Club – October

Posted 4th October 2020 by Jenna Fisher

Post-lockdown, the first couple of months of BBC focussed on muscle endurance and hypertrophy for the main lifts. This month you will (finally!) move to strength but with an extra twist.

Leg day will begin with strength sets of back squats with 4 sets of 5 reps, building the weight from last month (now there are no hypertrophy sets fatiguing your legs). After you have finished these you will reduce the weight to approx 55% of your 1RM and complete one set of 20 reps with a pause at the top of each rep to take three deep breaths.

These breaths – deep diaphragm breaths, not small chest sips – will help build your deep core. Your core strength is essential for a strong squat. Note this aim, and do not be tempted to overload your bar. You must hit the 20 reps and you must take three deep breaths. Having a load with which you can only manage 12 reps or 18 reps or small fast breaths will miss the point of the exercise. Having an appropriate weight and building your core will mean bigger weights in the future. If you have not done this before be cautious the first week – if you feel dizzy, rack the bar and try again the next week with a lighter load.


Gymnastics – OCT programming

Posted 30th September 2020 by Anthony Masters

Hi gang,

The last couple of months have seen some great improvement in bent arm strength as we worked towards the muscle up and overall joint strength. This month is going to be a deload on the high intensity work and introduce more volume to rest the body a bit. This is also predominantly straight arm strength focused. The intent of the programming is to help strengthen the joints of the arm more in their lengthened positions to help lay down a foundation for more complex exercises to come. This will help to continue with the joint bullet proofing journey but also support most of the bent arm work you have been doing such as the muscle ups, rope climbs, HS push ups etc. So you would expect to see some improvements revisiting these movements at a later stage. (more…)