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StrongCon: 13th January – 5th April

Posted 6th January 2020 by Jenna Fisher


The new StrongCon program begins on Monday 13th January.

There are 6 new workouts – one for each day of the week, Monday to Saturday.

Each workout will be performed on the same day for two consecutive weeks. The workout will then rotate to the next day i.e. workout 1 will be performed on Monday for two weeks and then on Tuesday for 2 weeks and then on Wednesday for 2 weeks. Etc. Workout 2 will start on Tuesday and then move to Wednesday, Thursday, etc. after each two-week block.

The workouts and the schedule can be downloaded here:

StrongCon Program and Schedule: 13th January – 5th April 2020

This class is the natural progression from Metcon if you are ready to lift heavier weight and perform new exercises that are not possible in the larger classes. Barbells are used for the main component of weightlifting rather than DBs and KBs. Remedial exercises are included in some of the workouts to balance your development.

This class still includes conditioning (bike/run/row/ski etc.) but at a more steady pace than Metcon to allow you to perform the lifts accurately.

Consistency is the key so try to pick a schedule and stick to it each week.

This is a popular class so if you are unable to attend please sign out as early as possible so that someone on the waitlist can take your space.

Enjoy x

January – Olympic Weightlifting

Posted 5th January 2020 by claudia clarkson

Week 1 – Starting Monday 6 January 


A: Power Snatch with 2s Pause at the Knees (focus on strong start position, everything engaged in that pause)

6×2 (50,60,70,70,70,70%)

B: Snatch from Mid-Shin – (for the first rep, deadlift the bar up and lower down to mid-shin)

8×2 (50,60,70,70,70,70%)

C: Snatch Panda Pulls – 6×5 (50,65,65,65,65,65%)

D: Backsquats: 1×5 @25%, 1×4@50%, 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%,1×1@80%, 1×1@85% 2×1@90%



Barbell Club – January 2020

Posted 1st January 2020 by Jenna Fisher

This year’s first strength program – the Juggernaut method – will begin in February and run through to June. This method will focus on the main barbell lifts: back squat, conventional deadlift, flat bench press, and strict overhead press. We will add some accessory exercises (remedial, arms), and an additional focus on pull-ups, but these standard lifts will be the priority for this forthcoming period.

January will, therefore, focus on unilateral exercises and dumbbells to encourage both sides of the body to work equally before starting on the barbell. The aim here is stabilisation.

The tempos are particularly important so take note and stick to the pauses and quarters etc. The speed of the tempo is more important than the load.

The Barbell Club program can be downloaded here:

Barbell Club Program pdf – January 2020

An excel sheet to record your performance can be downloaded here:

Barbell Club Personal Log of Performance excel – January 2020

The Juggernaut spreadsheet can be downloaded here (the first link is for a Mac):

Juggernaut Program Spreadsheet – February to May 2020

Juggernaut Program Spreadsheet excel – February to May 2020

This will be explained fully in next month’s blog but do think ahead and take a look to prepare. Note that the original spreadsheet was obtained from so do check out their website too.

If you do not know your 1RM (or another measure such as 3RM/5RM) then use some of the classes this month to do a test. Speak to your coach who can help with this.