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Metcon comp update!

Posted 16th June 2022 by Jenna Fisher

Further instructions on the workouts are given below but first:

Due to popularity, a third session has been added to Teamup for 12.30pm. Scores will be collected from all the teams in all three sessions and the winner will be announced at the BBQ*.

(*We are supplying the BBQ food. Gin and vodka will be available to buy from the 58 Gin distillery next door and the Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing brewery will be setting up a stand. You are welcome to BYO from the local shops and do feel free to bring family, friends, and dogs. I hear rumours that one of our members will be DJing but that is TBC).

New members – if the weights listed below are too much I will put you in a group together and will reduce the weight to what you can do. I will explain everything to you on the day and will make sure everyone knows what to do. The movements are very simple so you will be absolutely fine 🙂

I have had people tell me they would like to come but “don’t want to let the team down”. Please don’t worry about this! I will put you in teams that are appropriate for your level of experience and will do my best to make sure everyone is comfortable. It is just for fun rather than serious competition. The aim is to help you to get to know the people you see every week but perhaps do not get a chance to speak to in class. In each workout, you can allocate who does what based on skill and experience.


The workouts:


Maxout & Metcon team comp!

Posted 9th June 2022 by Jenna Fisher

On Saturday 18th June we are having a community day of social events for our members. There will be powerlifting sessions early morning to max your squat/bench/deadlifts, metcon team competitions mid-morning, and BBQ and beer in the afternoon.


CrossFit Carnival – Update to Heats, Partners, Teams, Levels, and Judges

Posted 9th August 2019 by Jenna Fisher


For those attending the CrossFit competition tomorrow, please check out the updated document showing late entrants, withdrawals, and changes entrants have requested, and any amendments I have had to make as a result:

Click here for updated Carnival document 

Just look for your name on the sheet so that you know which heat you are in and I will make the rest work 🙂

Be careful riding your bikes in as strong winds are forecast! x


CrossFit Carnival – Heats, Partners, Teams, Layout, and Judges

Posted 4th August 2019 by Jenna Fisher

Everything you need to know before Saturday’s Carnival/Competition, Burgers and Beers, 10th August, 12.30pm.

(If you have not yet registered and would like to come please contact me asap at

Please click below and look at the competition pdf document so that you know what you are doing.

Click Here for List of Heats, Partners, Teams, Layout, Judges, and Agenda 


CrossFit Carnival, Metcon Madness, Burgers and Beer

Posted 30th July 2019 by Jenna Fisher

Competition for all levels of CrossFit and Metcon*.

Saturday 10th August, 12.30pm start. Burgers and Beer after.

Guest appearance by B-dawg.


The focus here is fun so there is no need to be scared. Do come 🙂


(*the metcon level is for all our members who do not do CrossFit).


What you need to do to enter the competition:

Email by 6th August. Please give:

  1. your name
  2. which level you will be entering for workout 1.1
  3. which level you will be entering for workout 1.2
  4. which level you will be entering for workout 2
  5. the name of your partner (if you have one) for workout 2 ( I will find you one if you don’t!)
  6. Bring your preferred burgers and beer on the day and we will supply the extras

The full competition workouts are provided in this pdf document:

Click here for Carnival workouts, 10th August, 2019

Note that the first sheet lists all the levels – advanced, intermediate, novice, and metcon – so that you can compare directly and decide where you fit. (There is now an additional ‘mascot’ group for the people who are attending but cannot perform all of the movements due to injuries. Scaled safe alternatives are being allocated per individual).

The remaining sheets are provided so that once you have chosen your level(s) you need only look at the appropriate sheet for that level(s) and not be bogged down with all the other information that you do not need to know: advanced at a glance, intermediate at a glance, novice at a glance, and metcon at a glance.

Since the last blog post I have adjusted the criteria for each level, so do check out the workouts on all levels before making your decision. You may find that you are now a level higher than what you thought before.

You do not need to enter the same level for all of the workouts. For example, you could enter as advanced for workout 1.1, intermediate for workout 1.2, and advanced for workout 2. There will be one winner per level per workout, rather than just one winner overall. (That said, if someone does happen to win/be on the winning teams for all five workouts then they will get a special mention!).

Workouts 3 and 4 will be mixed level groups (allocated by the organiser) so you do not need to email any information for those.

Click on the ‘more’ link below to read a quick overview of the workouts before you attempt to read the detailed* spreadsheet. (*I have tried to anticipate all your questions to give answers to these upfront).