Heavy Metcon 1/6/16

Posted 31st May 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Warm up

With a BB work through the complex without stopping


Power cleans

Front squats

Push press

Back squat

Rack thrusters

10 reps each movements rest 90 seconds x3


Bike / Rowing DT

Working in teams 3 follow the leader as soon as bike / rower is clear.

Alternating between air bike and rower do a hard 25kcal then do 1 round of “DT”


Deadlift x12 @ 75/55kg

Power cleans x9 @ 75/55kg

Push press x6 @ 75/55kg

45mins work…

CrossFit Engineering – June 2016

Posted 30th May 2016 by Josh Schouten

As we start to move from foundations and towards CrossFit classes @ Momentum Training offers a bridging session/s being CrossFit Engineering (CFE) where we spend time learning the finer movements for those who are new to all the technical jargon. If this is you, CFE will get you up to speed and well on the way to achieving results.

Knowledge is power. This month’s recommended reading:

There are no secret tricks to fitness

Nutrition basics for the beginner

Keeping active at work try these 🙂


Weapons June 2016

Posted by Josh Schouten

New Phase for June, lifting our anaerobic levels on Sunday morning’s and we’ll be grinding through those long aerobic sets on Monday’s getting those gas tanks enlarged! Of course we have strength focus also. We should see everyone moving better in the snatch with improved shoulder and thoracic mobility as we head straight into those overhead squats! Also all members aiming for weighted pull ups come end of June, big lats to get out and about in the sun!! See you in Class!!


June 2016 Weapons PDF

Rowing Workshop with Olympic Champion Luka Špik

Posted by Josh Schouten

Luka Špik, an Olympic Rowing Champion, has offered to run a number of rowing workshops at Momentum Training. 

luka“At the 2005 World Championship, he won gold in the Double Sculls event together with Iztok Čop and silver in the Quadruple Sculls with Iztok Čop, Matej Prelog and Davor Mizerit.

He also won the 2007 World Championships in M2X.

Špik and Iztok Čop won the 1999 World Championship, and also the gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, which was the first Olympic gold medal for independent Slovenia.

Špik and Čop were the favourites to win the men’s double sculls at the 2004 Summer Olympics, but finished in silver medal position.

Coming into the 2012 Summer Olympics they were not the favourites, however with a strong performance in the semi-finals they announced they could be in the running for a medal. In the final of the Men’s double sculls after taking an early lead and holding it until nearly the 1500 m mark, they lost the lead to the Italians and the later winners from New Zealand. They finished in the third position, giving Slovenia the second medal of the Olympics after Urška Žolnir won gold 2 days earlier.”  wiki pedia

4 separate workshops, each with a capacity of 7 people (more…)