Crossfit training plan 3/10/2016 – 6/11/2016

Geoff Stewart | 30-10-2016
  A new month, a new program… The last training block was aimed very much at your general GPP (general physical preparedness) and we had some good results and built upon some already great engines. In this new six week phase we are gong to focus on your clean and press, rowing and a good old Crossfit girl called GRACE.... [Read more]

Gymnastics: Handstand Phase 1: Preperation & Alignment

Josh Schouten | 29-10-2016
Ask any longtime hand balancers and they'll tell you that consistent handstands take years to build. Yes, there are several ways to work smarter to help speed up the process - but consistent quality practice is required if you are going to master the perfect handstand.  Handstands are a critical component of bodyweight training as they lay the foundation upon... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 26/10/2016

Geoff Stewart | 25-10-2016
Kcal make prizes... Warm up –for workout   45mins work Back squats x5 @ BW Strict Pull ups x5 @ BW Deadlifts x5 @1.5 %BW Dips x5 @BW Then… Bike 20kcals or Row 15kcals   Compltete as many rounds as possible for a total of Kcals.

Crossfit training plan 24/10/16 – 30/10/16

Geoff Stewart | 23-10-2016
Into week 2 of 2 of our GPP realization phase. So a number of pieces will be coming round again, you know what to expect - where that extra kilo might be hiding and where that extra rep is. Put that extra kilo on your timed pieces and increase the amount of weight shifted. Same as last week please folk.... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 19/10/2016

Geoff Stewart | 18-10-2016
Heavy and fast Working in teams  odd and even minutes EMOM for 6 mins per stations On your Odd minutes you will be working a heavy BB exercise then on the even minute you will do a higher rep more explosive exercise, 6min per station. Warm up - for workout. Power cleans 5 Air squats 30   Deadlifts 5 Alt leg... [Read more]

Crossfit Training Plan 17/10/2016

Geoff Stewart | 16-10-2016
Into week 1 of 2 of our GPP realization phase. This week we going to be testing your 3-5 rep max looking for your to move a good amount of Kilo’s on your timed pieces as well as usual working hard digging into those pain caves and having fun. You will get 2 runs at your lifts and a few... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 12/10/2016

Geoff Stewart | 11-10-2016
    Odds and evens   Working with a partner in an 8 min EMOM. We would like you and you will need to go heavy and fast to get through these each 8min EMOM. We would like everyone to start with the BB movement please.   Power clean x5 @ BW Bike 15/20kcals Rest 5 mins Squats x5 @... [Read more]

Barbell Club Phase 10 – Dream Big

Jenna Fisher | 10-10-2016
After a break from the norm with the muscle confusion technique we are going to return to a programme with which you can track your progress each week. This phase is based on a workout Andre Benoit put me through when I was lucky enough to be coached by him at his Hypertrophy Academy. Andre is a former winter Olympics... [Read more]