Weapons July 2016

Josh Schouten | 29-06-2016
Time to hit some big engines!! We're looking to see you're massive aerobic engines come through here on Monday's. Hopefully all the other aerobic pacing over previous months has helped you to be able to push some lactic pain on Sunday's. Plus we'll be aiming for some PR's in the last session of the month, Hang Snatch, Diane and Fran all... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 29/6/2016

Geoff Stewart | 28-06-2016
Warm up / Mobility   A1 Back squats max reps @ BW in 2 mins A2 Air squats max reps in 2 mins   B1 Max reps bench press @70%BW in 2 mins B2 max reps press up in 2 mins   C 20 min YGIG 6 BB thruster @ 40/50kg 12 Heavy RKBS
Man weightlifting

CFH TRAINING PLAN 27/6/16 – 03/07/16 WEEK 9

Josh Schouten | 26-06-2016
New week, new programming on the strength phase. We will be following this strength phase for the next 4 weeks. Our aim will be to prime the body for some testing in the weeks to come. Getting ready to set ourselves some new benchmarks is always interesting to see our self progress. At Momentum Training we aim to provide an... [Read more]

Small Group Olympic Lifting P.T.

Josh Schouten | 23-06-2016
I clean, I jerk, and I have a nice snatch.  It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen with some commitment and regular practice.  We are lucky enough to have both Giles and Calum teaching regular weekly Olympic lifting classes and beginner weightlifting workshops at Momentum Training. With the introduction of Small Group P.T at Momentum training, Calum has kindly... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 22/6/16

Geoff Stewart | 21-06-2016
Teams of 4 moving around every 30seconds   5x Deadlifts 1.5 xBW Rest 5x Bench press 0.8 xBW Rest  Working on your own for  5 Minutes per station every 30sec on 30sec 5x Heavy KB swings 5x heavy 1 arm rack  squats 5x Alt single arm KB thrusters 5xel walking lunges rack hold 5xea renegade row

Small Group Personal Training

Josh Schouten
  Momentum Training continues to evolve to meet the demands and desires of an ever changing health and fitness industry. We are venturing into new territory and we be trialling a small group (1-4 people) personal training offer. The new Group P.T offer comes from feedback regarding a service that is tailored towards individual goal and abilities.  CrossFit, Met-con and... [Read more]

CFH TRAINING PLAN 20/6/16 -26/6/16 WEEK 8

Geoff Stewart | 19-06-2016
  Into week 8 and the final week of our paused reps phase you should be making some serious gains and readying yourselves to be crushing this week. There has been some great commitment to last weeks WOD so let keep this up the sun has come out let get those guns out. CF_Hackney_Strength_Phase_2016

Heavy Metcon 15/6/16 – Cindy

Geoff Stewart | 14-06-2016
    Warm and get mobile: With a BB increasing weight as you go 10mins Deadlifts Clean pull Squat clean thruster   Workout part A" Working with a partner YGIG format alt reps and rounds work up the ladder from 1 to ? in a 30 min window Heavy Squat clean to thruster (75/50) 1>2>3 etc Cindy 1 round 1>2>3... [Read more]
Barbell club

CFH TRAINING PLAN 13/6/16 -19/6/16 WEEK 7

Josh Schouten | 12-06-2016
Week 7, we've nearly completed this current phase of Strength focused training. Those of you who've been attending week in and out should see and feel an adaption to the strength we have thrown at you. Like always adapting to a stimulus see the need to seek a new form of stress. Read on for some more tips on understanding... [Read more]