Barbell Club – October 2019

Jenna Fisher | 29-09-2019
October is month four of this five-month programme and is the last month that you will be focussing on a particular muscle group per month. Saving the best until last, October will beef up the butt. (more…)

Crossfit Program 30/9/2019 -6/10/2019

Geoff Stewart
Week 5 of 12 . Week 5, We are moving into our second block of this 12 wee phase. This week we will return back to our pattern of training with some adjustments to reps, sets, density and rest period. These are there to make sure you body is kept guessing and able to move forward and make positive adaptions.... [Read more]

Beginners Olympic Weightlifting + Mobility for Olympic lifting Workshop

Josh Schouten | 16-09-2019
    We will be bringing to you a 4 week Olympic Weightlifting workshop spread over 4 consecutive Saturdays from 12pm - 1:30pm beginning from Sept 28th - Oct 19th. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a better understanding of Olympic Weightlifting, that involves learning to warm up efficiently, practising drills and complexes to improve technique and strength,... [Read more]

Crossfit Program 16th-22nd September

Geoff Stewart | 15-09-2019
Week 3 of 12 . Week 3, you get the idea and you'll all now the exercise format, so lets test out those lifting numbers. Remember we don't practise failed lifts, we should be making all our lifts. If your failing for a technical reason ask your coach for pointers, if you failing becasuse you trying to lift to much... [Read more]

Olympic Lifting – September

Josh Schouten | 11-09-2019
This month, we will be looking at building to 2 rep maxes in our Front and Backsquat, as well as testing out our 1RM for the Clean, and Jerk from the racks.   I would like athletes to try out various maxes depending on how you feel on the day, to enable us to establish whether we need to work... [Read more]

Crossfit Program 9th-15th September 2019

Geoff Stewart | 08-09-2019
Week 2 of 12 . Into week 2 we go lets just get on with it.    Good luck be brave pull up your socks. Monday - Cleans and simple and honest Tuesday - Bench press and bouncy bunnies Wednesday -Conditioning for fast bears Thursday -unicorn stuff Friday - Deadlift and a pyramid scheme Saturday - Snatch and hit and... [Read more]

Mobility September

Anthony Masters | 02-09-2019
Hey everyone, good work to all, especially many regulars &  newcomers. Good to see people notice the positive crossover effect that training mobility has on the rest of their training & lives in general. Since the beginning, I have been making the classes more & more challenging in different ways as the months went on. Reason being many of you... [Read more]

Gymnastics – September 2019

Jenna Fisher | 01-09-2019
September is the second month of your opportunity to attempt some of the 2019 CrossFit Games workouts: August - Ringer 1 September - Sprint Couplet October - Split Triplet November - Second Cut (more…)