G.P.P program 2nd-8th November

Geoff Stewart | 01-11-2020
the weather has been pretty rotten the news generally not to great but the gains have been amazing and the vibes in the arch has been of the snizzle scale. Its a massive well done, bottom slap and social distance high fives people. Week 4. Its solid and tough people. Keep yourselves going, eat well, sleep well and you will... [Read more]

G.P.P. Training Program 26th October to 1st November 2020

Geoff Stewart | 25-10-2020
Its been a stressful couple of days / weeks and as I'm writtining this we are still welcoming you into the arch of exercise with love and burpees. Week 3. Its solid and tough people. Keep yourselves going, eat well, sleep well and you will train even better. Momentum Training x   Monday -snatch Tuesday - Deadlift and Push Wednesday... [Read more]

G.P.P. training program 19th October 2020- 25th October 2020

Geoff Stewart | 18-10-2020
Week 2 of our new training phase is with us and we hope your enjoying your new work. Got to say looking amazing moving well and smelling good and that just Josh. keep it simple DONT chase the weight, listen to your coach and work you form and move smoothly please.   Momentum Training x   Monday -snatch Tuesday -... [Read more]

G.P.P. training program 12th October 2020- 18th October 2020

Geoff Stewart | 10-10-2020
It's been an interesting first training block back post Covid lockdown. Its been a pleasure and a huge relief to be back at it and you guys have built some solid Fitness got some descent lifting numbers back and have you back on the fitness mainline. Our new GPP (general physical preparedness) game is going great guns although we are still... [Read more]

StrongCon – October

Jenna Fisher | 05-10-2020
The three workouts for the next six weeks will each have a different focus. Approach them as appropriate to get the best results. As before, each class will get two weeks of each workout to allow you to set your benchmark and then try to improve it the next week.  Workout 1 - Hard effort / move fast. Hit each... [Read more]

Barbell Club – October

Jenna Fisher | 04-10-2020
Post-lockdown, the first couple of months of BBC focussed on muscle endurance and hypertrophy for the main lifts. This month you will (finally!) move to strength but with an extra twist. Leg day will begin with strength sets of back squats with 4 sets of 5 reps, building the weight from last month (now there are no hypertrophy sets fatiguing... [Read more]

G.P.P. training program 5th October 2020- 11th October 2020

Geoff Stewart
We are going to keep it simple this week work hard, lift some good weight, be nice to people and tidy up after you. Please.   Week 11. Monday. Cleans Tuesday. Squat and Pull Wednesday. Snatch Thursday. Other programs Friday. Deadlift and push Saturday. Heavy breathing Sunday. Other programs   (more…)

Gymnastics – OCT programming

Anthony Masters | 30-09-2020
Hi gang, The last couple of months have seen some great improvement in bent arm strength as we worked towards the muscle up and overall joint strength. This month is going to be a deload on the high intensity work and introduce more volume to rest the body a bit. This is also predominantly straight arm strength focused. The intent... [Read more]

G.P.P. training program 28th September -4th October 2020

Geoff Stewart | 27-09-2020
Another week is coming your way people and its looking like anther fun one. Fun being the important word.   When I normally write your weeks focus its normally something about form and numbers.... you know all this so go get it this week. No prisioners.   Week 10. Woof Monday. Cleans Tuesday. Squat and Pull Wednesday. Snatch Thursday. Other... [Read more]