G.P.P. training program 24th August -30th August 2020.

Geoff Stewart | 23-08-2020
How was last week for you? Another solid week of training coming your way. This week we will be following the same format as week 5 and looking to bed in the basic lifts and Olympic skills with a smorgasbord of breathing and WOD to keep you guessing. We regularly get asked why we repeated the foundation movements and general... [Read more]

G.P.P. training program 17th August -23rd August 2020

Geoff Stewart | 16-08-2020
Starting off with a huge thanks to all members old and new who have really helped get us back up and running filling the arch with sweat, laughter and in some cases tears and the odd trip to the alley. Thanks for embracing social distancing and cleaning everything they can get their hands on. Moving forward, our current timetable, layout... [Read more]

G.P.P. training program 10th August -16th August 2020

Geoff Stewart | 08-08-2020
Another great week under our training belts and glad to say that we are getting back in the groove and those welcome back aches and pain seem to have eased up a little. This week’s training program is very similar to week 2 and 3 with a few twists in there to keep you guessing.  We would like you to... [Read more]

G.P.P. training program 3rd August -9th August 2020

Geoff Stewart | 31-07-2020
    Welcome back and isn’t it great? So how are you all finding the new set up and timetable? And much more importantly how are you all feeling? We have had some feedback about trouble with stairs, getting on and off the toilet and putting object into cupboards above eyelevel. We did warn you many many times. For most... [Read more]

Gymnastics programming – August

Anthony Masters | 29-07-2020
Hello everyone, This will be short & sweet, my guess is during these last few months many of us have either not been doing too many serious pull ups & dips (the foundation to most gymnastics skills) or put on some extra kilos making that stuff much more harder. So the program for august is a focus on bringing back... [Read more]

GPP training program 27th – 2nd August 2020

Geoff Stewart | 26-07-2020
    Welcome back and isn’t it great? As we hope you’re all aware we are running a slightly different set up, timetable and program at the moment due to this thing called Corona. Our GPP program is exactly what is says, General Physical Preparedness. Our aim in this first 1-3 weeks is to get you all back into the... [Read more]

GPP training program 26th July 2020

Geoff Stewart | 24-07-2020
    We finally sliding open the big steel doors and opening the wobble glass door we are opening on the Saturday 26th July. It’s about F***** time too. Our new GPP (working title) class will follow the same format we have been road testing for the last few years with great success.  As we regularly state, Momentum training follows... [Read more]

cancellation Policy

Geoff Stewart | 22-07-2020
Dear all. As your aware we are getting ready to re-open on Saturday 26th July and are super excited to see all your happy faced pre-workout and your sweaty faces post workout.  We will running smaller classes than normal so spaces will be limited. Can we please ask that if you are booked into class and unable to make it... [Read more]

StrongCon – July and August

Josh Schouten | 21-07-2020
StrongCon is the class to choose if you would like a heavier Metcon using barbells for some lifts instead of dumbells and kettlebells. If you need to spend time mastering technique or building confidence it might be a good idea to start with Barbell Club and then move to StrongCon once you feel comfortable with lifting on the bar. (Both... [Read more]