Home Workout 6

Jenna Fisher | 27-03-2020
All of this week's workouts will be posted in one document tomorrow morning.  This will give you a simple point of reference for repeating these workouts in future weeks. An additional day 7 has also been added. This will be published later today and will be a long, conditioning only, workout.   Day 6 - Strength Endurance (more…)

Home Workout 5

Jenna Fisher | 25-03-2020
All of this week's workouts will be posted in one document after day 6 has been published.  This will give you a simple point of reference for repeating these workouts in future weeks. Each day is split into two sections: Strength Endurance and Conditioning. Since we are working with lighter weights during this period you can either complete these back-to-back... [Read more]

Home Workout 4

Jenna Fisher
At the end of the week, all the home workouts will be provided in one summary so that you have a quick reference for when you repeat them in future weeks. Videos of the workouts are available on Instagram.   Day 4 (more…)

Home Workout 3

Jenna Fisher | 24-03-2020
Days 1 and 2 were split into four parts each: warm up, weighted strength endurance, conditioning, post-workout stretch. Both of these days can be done once every week.   Day 3 is going to be slightly different.   The strength endurance can still be completed in one session but the conditioning will take place on the hour every hour throughout... [Read more]

Home Workout 2

Jenna Fisher | 23-03-2020
Day 2 (check out Instagram for the video demo)   Before we start today let's take a moment to think of the people who are in hospital and suffering the worst of this pandemic. Losing our usual training regime is no big deal in comparison x (more…)

Home Workout 1

Jenna Fisher | 22-03-2020
The doors are closed but we will be posting workouts for you to do. We loaned our equipment to members so that resistance (weight) can be added to these movements. If you did not come to pick something up yesterday you can still do the legs/core/run and push-ups instead of shoulder press.   Day 1 (video demos are on Instagram)... [Read more]

Sad times

Jenna Fisher | 20-03-2020
Dear Momentum Training members,   Thank you for your great attitude and all the positive feedback during this difficult time. As you may be aware we are now having to close our doors following government instructions – we apologise for the short notice. As a small business, we would love for you to retain your memberships through this period if you can. When we are up and running... [Read more]

StrongCon – New Workouts

Jenna Fisher | 17-03-2020
Hello all I have created new StrongCon workouts to see us through this period of the Coronavirus. StrongCon workouts - 2020, Phase 2 These workouts are designed so that you a) no longer share equipment in the way that you have been previously, and b) have time to clean any equipment that will be shared with disinfectant before you do... [Read more]

Crossfit program 16th – 22nd March 2020

Josh Schouten | 15-03-2020
  2020 - Part IV Moving into the 4th phase of training for 2020 we are going to use Mondays and Fridays to work towards some heavyish loads so we can begin to test ourselves. Aim to get used to adding a little more weight whilst keeping good technique with these sets of 2-3 reps. Phase V is where the... [Read more]