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Josh Schouten | 18-06-2013
Strength & Skill A-1 Pull-ups 5 x CFA: 4-6 reps 30x0 BC: 4 eccentric reps 8000 rst :90 A-2 CFA: 10* Incline Bench 5 x 4-6 reps 30x0 :90 BC: Heels elevated goblet squats 5 x 15-20reps 20x0 :90 B-1 (skill) KB Clean and Press 3 x 8-10each arm 31x0 :45 B-2 Seated Face Pull w/ band 3 x 10-12reps... [Read more]

17/06/2013 Momentum Met-con

Josh Schouten | 17-06-2013
Dynamic Warm-up Working in groups of 3 9min on each station, :45sec work at each exercise :15sec to change exercises Station 1: Heavy Sled Push/Lateral Shoulder Raise w/ chains/Standing Calf Raises Station 2: Ring Rollouts/Trap-bar Deadlift/Shuttle Sprints with burpee @ each end Station 3: BB Push-Press/Battle Rope Internal Circles/Inverse Ring Rows Leg Burner 100 Alternating Step-ups 20' box Back to... [Read more]

17/06/2013 CrossFit Endurance @ CrossFit Hackney

Josh Schouten
Triathlete: Day 1: Swim - Repeat :60 on / :45 off, until form/pace deteriorates Day 2: Bike - Repeat 5k, recover 3:00, until form/pace deteriorates Day 3: Run - Repeat :60 on / :45 off, until form/pace deteriorates Day 4: Swim - Repeat 500m, recover 3:00, until form/pace deteriorates Day 5 : Bike - 20k TT Day 6: Run -... [Read more]


Josh Schouten
Strength A-1 Box Squats (5cm below parallel) 5 x CFA:4-6reps (+25kg chain) BC:6-8reps 30x0 rst :90 A-2 CFA: Single Leg RDL (KB) 5 x 8-10each leg 30x0 rst :90 BC: Push Heavy Sled 5 x 2 lengths of track rst :60 B-1 FFE Split Squats (KB/BB) 3 x 8-10 each 31x0 :45 B-2 GHD/GHR 3 x 8-10  31x0 :45 W.O.D Buy... [Read more]

16/06/2013 Momentum Met-con

Josh Schouten | 16-06-2013
Dynamic warm up 2 rounds then rotate. 30 mins works with Father's Day burpees as called out Working in partners :45sec each exercise - Then change exercises with partner, ut. Station 1: Prowler/Jog Station 2: Ring row/Box jump Station 3: KB press/Squat heels elevated Station 4: Sled pulling/Jog Station 5: Battle ropes/Walking lunges with plate


Josh Schouten
Strength A. Power Clean 10 x 3 XXXX rst: 2min - or 20min to practice clean technique W.O.D "The Chiefs" Set the clock to 19minutes Max rounds in 3 minutes of: 3 Ceans 60/35kg 6 Push-ups 9 Air Squats Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles. Post rounds completed for each of the 5 cycles.


Josh Schouten | 15-06-2013
Strength Set the clock to 20minutes 5 Rounds of: A-1 Deadlift 70% 1RM 5reps 20x0 A-2 Chin-up 70% 1RM 5reps 20x0 A-3 GHD 10reps 30x0 A-4 Sheena Press-ups 10reps 20x0 * each exercise starts on the :60sec. Do reps at each station, rest the remainder of time. W.O.D PARTNER WOD 400m Run (both athletes, same time)* 100 Wall Balls (one... [Read more]


Josh Schouten | 14-06-2013
Strength & Speed A. 8 x 200m sprints with 2min rest between each B. 15min to find 1RM Thruster W.O.D Friday Fran Day!! 21-15-9 Thruster Pull-up Scores on the board [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="240"] First Fran @CrossFitHckney[/caption]

June – Olympic Weightlifting Workshop

Josh Schouten | 13-06-2013
Olympic Weightlifting Workshop June 29th will see the introduction of our first Olympic Weightlifting Workshop for both members and non-members. As many of you are learning, CrossFit classes are as much technique as they are work ethic. Learning to move efficiently is key to being successful at CrossFit.  Movement efficiency gives you the ability to WORK harder and achieve your goals. At Momentum Training we believe... [Read more]