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Barbell Club – February

Jenna Fisher | 28-01-2024
'High Vibe' Barbell Club continues for another month. The A lifts should be heavier than last month and the Bs will remain with a hypertrophy focus. As before you are welcome to switch any of the hypertrophy exercises to an alternative for the same muscle group - you are welcome to use the cables, machines, and sled tracks. Barbell Club... [Read more]

CrossFit Programme 29th January – February 4th

Anthony Waller | 27-01-2024
    Week 3/10 ~ Two down eight to go.   Week two saw a level up in workout intensity as well as attitude and energy in the gym. It was a massive week for the shoulders and a huge week in attendance, the vibes are sky high and without a doubt the results are heading that way too. Each... [Read more]

Strong Con – January W2

Jenna Fisher | 24-01-2024
In busy classes, form teams of 4. One person starts on the rower, one on barbell, one on ski, and one on DB. Four 4-minute stations - rotate around. Then 2 mins all together. 90 secs rest between each station. Repeat all (Round 2). (more…)

CrossFit Programme 22nd January – 28th January

Anthony Waller | 21-01-2024
    Week 2/10    And we're off. With the first week completed and in the books, you now know exactly how the weekly training structure looks and feels. So it's time to get that head down and push through each session, making sure every rep and set counts. Tomorrow is a brand new day, fresh opportunities await and all... [Read more]

CrossFit Programme 15th January – 21st January

Anthony Waller | 13-01-2024
    Week 1/10    It's GO TIME. Your prep weeks are complete and now the first wave of training cycles are about to begin. It's the beginning of the season so nothing crazy just yet but lots of base building, without letting all those PBs from last year go to waste of course. Now is the time to put... [Read more]

CrossFit Programme 8th January – 14th January

Anthony Waller | 07-01-2024
    2024 ~ Loading...   Prep Week 2/2    With your fresh programme starting on ~ Monday 15th January ~ We're taking the next couple of weeks to let the dust settle and prepare our bodies for the year ahead, including all the challenges and hurdles to come.   Like last year we're going to be following the same... [Read more]

Barbell Club – January 2024

Jenna Fisher | 31-12-2023
The new 'high vibe' BBC was a success in December so we will continue the same theme into the new year. New exercises and new timings but the same format of setting yourself up for all three exercises and the coach calling out the clock for when to start and stop. Thursday mornings will remain a pop playlist by popular... [Read more]