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The Launch of Momentum Training

Josh Schouten | 27-05-2013
What a fantastic first week we had at Momentum Training. During the weekend of 18-19th of May we had over 100 people participate in either a CrossFit Hackney class or a Met-con class. It was awesome to see the box full of people pushing sleds, bashing ropes, jumping on boxes, performing squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, having fun, and meeting new... [Read more]

26/05/2012 CrossFit Hackney W.O.D

Josh Schouten | 26-05-2013
Strength A-1 Pull-ups 4 x[Strength Athlete: 6-8 (add weight), Body Composition Athlete 10-12] 3010 W.O.D 10min AMRAP 5 Box Jumps 24/20" 10 Burpees Rest 5minutes between rounds 2min Max Reps of: Air Squats Press-ups Pull-ups Wall Balls Rest 1min between each

25/05/2012 CrossFit Hackney W.O.D

Josh Schouten | 25-05-2013
Strength A-1 Back Squat  5 x [Strength Athlete: 6-10, Body Composition Athlete 10-12] 3010 A-2 Overhead Spilt Squat w/ weight plate 5 x 15ea leg 2010 W.O.D 2 rounds of 8min AMRAP of: 6 Dead lifts 100/60kg 12 Wall Balls 7/5kg 10/6ft Rest 2minutes between rounds Scores on the board